Our health and wellness facility is your number one source for professional health and rehabilitative services. We surpass the competition, not only with results as well as state of the art technology . Getting results and maintaining your health adds tremendous value as well. Patients as consumers are starting to understand that treating disease and sickness is extremely costly as health insurance premiums continue to rise tremendously and coverage's become more limited with even higher deductibles.

Our health and wellness practice has been working hard for your business for the last 50 years. In that time, we've kept the same promises to our patients: top quality patient care, quick and long standing results, and the very best customer service in the business. We're committed to these promises so deeply, they're part of our guarantee. So browse the very best patient care and services in Northwest Iowa using the buttons on your left, or check out our health service profile and the latest news you can use in the windows below.

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        Dr Miller purchases and is certified on his first
        ProAdjuster Computer spine analyzer and adjuster.
        Dr Miller adds the second ProAdjuster computer to his
        practice with the over whelming success and results in             his practice.
        Dr Miller Proctors National Board of Chiropractic                       Examiners Part IV examination at Palmer College 
        of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA.

        Dr Miller completes 15 hours of  continuing education 
        in Neurology in Des Moines , IA.
        Dr. Miller scales Pike's Peak...America's Highway on his
        bicycle. 2nd tallest paved highway in North America. At             14,115 ft elevation and average grade of 7.5 % quite a             ride for  a 54 year old flat lander from the mid west .                 Weekly  chiropractic adjustments have always been the           key to my success !  It is what we all do at my office ! 
        Dr C

        Continuing Education Seminar in Minneapolis, MN.                   Topics were discussed on how to maximize patient                   results, and minimize risk of their spinal condition                     returning. As well as preventing and maintaining spinal             integrity, and improving nerve flow. Highlight of                           conference: Having legend in wrestling, Dan Gable,                   speak concerning the traits needed to win at all levels of           life. Also what true champions in sports and life exhibit to         achieve incredible success.
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